Nokia' is set to discharge the first of its new Android based cell phones in the not so distant future, only in China.

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“With over 552 million smartphone users in China in 2016, a figure that is predicted to grow to more than 593 million users by 2017, it is a strategically important market where premium design and quality is highly valued by consumers… The decision … to launch its first Android smartphone into China is a reflection of the desire to meet the real world needs of consumers in different markets around the world,” a spokesman for the company said earlier this week.

The new phones will actually be made by Finnish company HMD Global who have made a deal with what’s left of the original Nokia company to use the Nokia branding.
The announcement came on the final day of the CES tech show in Las Vegas where other new mobile phones and gadgets by other companies, including Samsung, were launched.
The ‘Nokia 6’ will run Android’s latest OS, Nougat, and have a 5.5-inch screen. The new phone is also expected to retail for a respectable mid-range price of $245.
The new Android device marks Nokia’s return to the smartphone market after Microsoft took the company over in 2014 and manufactured Windows based phones. Microsoft divested itself of its smartphone business merely a year later.
It’s hard to believe now, but Nokia once dominated the mobile phone market, but failed to adapt, and struggled after the launch of the iPhone a decade ago, and the subsequent release of Google’s Android operating system and Nokia failed to adapt or adopt either OS until it had lost too much of its once dominant market position to recover.
Unconfirmed reports have also suggested that HMD Global is currently working on its own personal assistant along the lines of Apple’s Siri, suggesting its current working title is ‘Vikki.’


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