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Nigerian Banks & the Dubai Analysts: Stemming the external aggressors

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When the Honorable Minister of Finance, Mrs Kemi Adeosun, in Washington during a discussion on the importance of addressing infrastructure gaps in developing countries at the World Bank accused the western powers of being a stumbling block to Nigeria’s plan to improve power output through the use of coal, many took the statement on its face value.
Adeosun had insisted that improving power supply was the corner-stone of the current administration’s goal towards economic development, yet finds it difficult to get support from the western community.
When a deeper dive into the deconstruction of the weight of the conscious economic underdevelopment of Africa perpetrated by some external forces, with Nigeria fully caught in the web is x-rayed, only more pain would be felt in the game plan of the heart-wrecking mastermind of some international conspirators. The weight of our challenges and the complexity of the consequential stress across sectors today, can hardly be …

Oh dear! Michelle Obama comes for Donald Trump over his behaviour towards women

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Oh dear! Michelle Obama comes for Donald Michelle Obama focused on accusations leveled against Donald Trump about the way he behaves towards women and that leaked tape where he bragged about sexually assaulting women. She really buried him. Watch the video after the cut...
Every minute of Michelle Obama’s 30 minute speech today is worth watching.— Hillary Clinton (@HillaryClinton) October 13, 2016

Facebook Launches Workplace, A Platform That Lets You Interact With Co-Workers ONLY

This season could hold a record as the one with the highest number of Facebook launched products. Right from launching a new data center, to the Messenger Lite app, to the events app and now, Facebook has launched a platform simply known as “Workplace” and is available to companies of any size. The service works like the regular Facebook, but instead of interacting with a network of friends and family, Workplace users interact with a network of co-workers.
The only difference between this and previous launched platforms and products is that Workplace is a paid to use platform. Yes, you have to pay.
Facebook launches Workplace, platform that let’s to interact with co-workers ONLY
*Competitive Pricing. Facebook is announcing a competitive pricing model that is based on a monthly fee per active user (so companies only pay for what they use). The more active users an organization has, the less they pay per user.
*.$3 USD first 1,000 monthly active users
*.$2 US…

Some time ago, SlushPay, a FinTech startup relaunched as Amplify

Now, Amplify has launchedtwo new campaigns to help Nigerian businesses with recurring and cardless payments.Amplify is currently processing transactions for freeThe first one is called the Zero Transaction Charge campaign, where no transaction charges will be applied on businesses that sign up on Amplify, and go live between October 12 and November 30, 2016.Amplify has also released a new feature called PASS (Payouts and Automated Settlements System), that caters to businesses who want to split their settlements into different and accounts. It also allows businesses to make bulk payments topartners and customers.According to them, they launched these campaigns as part of their mission to support Nigerian businesses.“Considering the current economic situation, this is Amplify’s way of helping to support new and growing Nigerian business. We hope this promotion will encourage more businesses to finally automate their collections and leverage electronic payment channels.” These were the…

Henry Knight teams up with Unlimited L.A to create visual to his new released single ''Desire''

Henry Knight, Nigerian born songwriter and vocalist, who recently got signed to Matt Westside Records ; has teamed up with Unlimited L.A  to create a dope music video for his single "Desire".
Shot at different locations in Lagos, Nigeria, the video brings the lyrics of the track to life.
'Desire' is one of t ...
'Desire' is one of the first 2 singles to be released by Henry Knight under the Matt Westside Records imprint.
Youtube Link:
Audio Link: Desire: /hulkshare.mp3?d=1
'DESIRE' is available on iTunes, Spotify, Boom Player and all music stores.

Photos show the moment fishermen risked their lives trying to drag a shark back into the sea in South Africa

In Nigeria, there would be pieces in different pots by now! Lol. Images taken on Muizenberg beach, Cape Town, show a group of fishermen struggling to release a huge shark - the Bronze Whaler, into the sea. The potentially deadly predator which measured a huge eight-foot-long and weighed approximately 500 pounds, was caught up in a traditional seine net and they wanted to release it back into the sea.
With a mouth full of razor-sharp teeth, the giant beast tried lunging its mouth towards the fishermen, who stood strong and continued pulling it back into the sea. After the tussle, they eventually succeeded. Continue to see more photos.
South Africa is home to more than 90 species of shark,  including the Great White

Android 7.1 Developer Preview coming late October

Those with Nexus devices will soon be able to update their handsets to Android 7.1, which was first shown off on Google's new Pixel "6c="4280427042" 6f="21" 6r="134,2189,375,2217"smartphones. TheAndroid 7.1 Developer Previewwill be released later this month, bringing a small collection of new features and improvements.Google Assistant will not be includedwith Android 7.1, as it remains an exclusive feature of the Pixel and Pixel XL for the time being. However,Android 7.1 does bring other features, such as support for Google's VR ecosystem, Daydream, "6c="4280427042" 6f="21" 6r="134,2631,466,2659"as well as an app shortcut API and support for image keyboards.The app shortcut API allows Androidapps to produce up to five action shortcuts from their icon on the homescreen, similar to 3D Touch on iOS although without the need for a pressure-sensitive touchscreen. Image keyboard support means developers can final…

Google adds a group plan option to Project Fi wireless service

Google’s Project Fi on Tuesday introduced a group planthat makes it easier to manage multiple users (and cheaper, too).
Project Fi’s new offering allows for up to six people on a single account. Each line starts at $15 per month for unlimited talk and text (down from $20) and just like with individual plans, buckets of data are available for $10 per 1GB. As always, if you don’t use all of your data in a given month, the difference will be refunded on your next bill.
Google is quick to point out that the group plan isn’t strictly for families meaning you can just as easily invite friends to join as well. Members are free to join or leave a plan as they see fit without having to worry about contracts or early termination fees.
If you are using a group plan for your family, the account manager can view the data usage of each member and even set data allowances to keep users (kids) from going overboard. Data usage is even broken down on a per-app basis so you can see exactly which apps are t…

Verizon Pixel phones will get updates at the same time as Google's

One of the main advantages of owning a Nexus device is the vanilla Android experience — that is, you don’t have to deal with bloatware, unnecessary skins and you’ll know your device will be supported with timely updates. Google’s new Pixel and Pixel XL should continue that tradition, but with Verizon as the exclusive carrier in the US, there’s been some confusion about what that’ll mean in terms of updates, especially following news that Google has relinquished controlof delivering Android software updates to Pixel phones sold by the carrier.
Any Nexus user who purchased a device from Verizon knows that the carrier isn’t known for offering speedy Android upgrades. But according to a statement to Ars  Technica, that’s all going to change with the Pixel and Pixel XL. The carrier claims that all operating system and security updates will be delivered simultaneously to all Pixel devices, “much like iOS updates” whether you bought it at Verizon or directly through Google.
“Verizon will not s…

CBN suspends all banks except first bank from forex sale to BDCs

The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has suspended all the banks, with the exception of First Bank, from selling dollar
proceeds of International Money Transfer Services, (IMTS) to Bureau De Change, BDCs till further notice. The suspension came as a result of none compliance to the directive CBN had given to banks two months ago to sell proceeds of their international money transfer services to BDCs.
This was in a bid to address the steady and continuous depreciation of the naira in the parallel market of which they ignored, preferring to do brisk business with the proceeds. This, however generated several complaints from the BDCs, with the Association of Bureaux De change Operators of Nigeria, ABCON, calling for a review of the policy measure.
According to reports, CBN, after due investigation, which revealed that most of them were either not complying or short-changing DBCs by selling at higher margin, except First Bank, which has been allowed to continue with the business, had decided t…

Michael Jackson tops Forbes list of highest-paid dead celebrities with $825 million


Late King of Pop, Michael Jackson passed away seven years ago but still earned a staggering $825 million in 2016, making him the biggest dead celebrity earner of the year. According to Forbes, the reason he made that much revenue was because of his estate's decision to sell his half-share of the Beatles catalogue to Sony for $750 million.
The Thriller star had purchased the rights to the Fab Four's music back in 1984 for $47.5 million and then sold 50 percent of it to Sony in 1995 for $115 million.
Others are...
2: Author and cartoonist Charles Schulz - $48 million
3: Golfer Arnold Palmer - $40 million
4: Elvis Presley - $27 million
5: Prince - $25 million
6: Bob Marley -$21 million
7: Theodor 'Dr. Seuss' Geisel - $20 million
8: John Lennon - $12 million
9:  Physicist Albert Einstein - $11.5 million
10: Original pin-up girl Bettie Page - $11 million
11 David Bowie - earned $10.5 million
12 Movie star Steve McQueen - $9 million
13: Elizabeth Taylor - $8 million

Why you should attend the biggest exhibition and seminar on building, construction, machinery & interior – BuildmacexNigeria

Buildmacex is a specialized trade exhibition for building, construction, machinery and interior decoration. The 2016 edition will be third of the yearly trade fair and it’s scheduled to hold this October, from 18th to 20th.
The second edition of the event in 2015 recorded over a 100 exhibitors from all over the world including Nigeria, Turkey, China, Lebanon, Indian etc. and was well attended by individuals, industry experts and dignitaries alike such as Governor of Lagos State- Ambode, Governor of Rivers state,the Turkish Ambassador of Turkey to Nigeria-Mr HakanCakil, National President of NACCIMAand many more.
This year’s edition will be the biggest yet, with more than 100
international exhibitors already confirmed. The theme of this year’s seminar is Green Building Technology and Innovation – an initiative aimed at introducing and instigating the current global trend of green and biodegradable building technology in Nigeria.
Special guest of HonorisMr. BABATUNDE RAJI FASHOLA SAN, Hon…