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Fitness Expo 2016

Fitness Expo 2016 Everyone in the fitness and wellness industry in Nigeria will be at Fit Expo, Africa’s largest health and fitness expo and exhibition, dedicated to fitness minded individuals as well as
business owners in the enlarging fitness and wellness industry. Fit Expo will be in Abuja, Lagos, Portharcourt and Benin.
The two day family-friendly expo across various cities in Nigeria and other African countries, will be packed with informative and entertaining activities including seminars, cooking and fitness demos, variety of fitness and nutrition experts, cutting-edge products, the latest fitness apparel and equipment, health and wellness service providers, supplements, healthy snack options and much more!
Come and showcase your products and services to the fitness, weight loss and wellness community!
This is a chance for participants to meet with the trendsetters in fitness and weight loss in the city. Register to attend and meet with the best in the business plus stand a chanc…

Ethiopia declares state of emergency as deadly protests continue

The Ethopian government on Sunday declared a state of Emergency following months of  violent anti-government protests, especially in the restive Oromia region of the country.

"A state of emergency has been declared because the situation posed a threat against the people of the country," Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn said on state-run television on Sunday.

Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation (EBC) reported that the state of emergency  was a means to "deal with anti-peace elements that have allied with foreign forces and are jeopardising the peace and security of the country".

Protests reignited this week in the Oromia region after dozens of people were killed in a stampede on October 2, with police firing tear gas and warning shots at a huge crowd of protesters attending a religious festival and the government has put the official death toll as 55.Ethiopia declares s

7 Catch up phrase that you can learn from jenifa diary

Everyone loves Jenifa!
The movie first aired in 2008 and had everyone rolling on the floor with laughter. Funny enough, most of us adopted some of her slangs which we still use till date.
It’s so bad some of us have actually forgotten the correct English phrases. Besides who oyinbo English don epp? I think it’s about time Nigerians adopt their own English Language and make it official.  It makes communication fun.
Here are 7 slangs Nigerians have adopted from the Jenifa Diary series:

1. “Yels” – Meaning Yes
jenifa bridge
Image: Encomium

2. “What I Do” – Meaning What Have I Done?
Jenifa's dairy
Image: YouTube

3. “Wanever” –  Meaning Whatever
Jenifa's diary
Image: Encomium

4. “Henemies” – Meaning Enemies
Toyosi and Jenifa
Image: iROKO World

5. “How Is Your Parenting?” – Meaning How Are Your Parents?
Jenifa's diary
Image: iROKO World

6. “It Is You That Sabi” – Meaning It’s Your Problem
Sege Jenifa's Diary GIF
Image: iROKO World

7. “I Am Priding In You” – Meaning I’m Proud Of …

How to Set BIOS or UEFI Password on Windows 10

How to Set BIOS or UEFI Password on Windows 10

BIOS stands for Basic Input Output
System and on the other hand UEFI stands for Unified Extensible Firmware
Interface. Both are loaded onto your Motherboard’s ROM and they manage every hardware at the core level.
Both BIOS as well as UEFI, are systems that are made to be an interface between the operating system on the computer hardware at large. The BIOS and UEFI provide some critical setting that can be changed to make changes on a computer which might be harmful. Therefore, it is a good idea to set a password for BIOS or UEFI to keep your system safe.
Now, BIOS is an older system while UEFI is relatively new and both have different ways of setting a password. We will see both the method that will allow you to set BIOS or UEFI Password on Windows 10.
Set BIOS Password on Windows 10
To set your BIOS password, you need to follow the steps listed below.
While turning on your PC, press the key to boot into BIOS mode.
These keys can be DEL,…