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Apple in Trouble!!! iPhone 7 goes up in flames.

 have come for Apple o as an Australian man has claimes that his iPhone 7 caught fire while he left it inside his car as he went surfing. The Australian man, Mat Jones who is an Australian surfing instructor bought his iPhone 7 just a week before and he said he left it under a pair of pants in his car when he went for surfing lesson, only for him to come back and discover a burnt iPhone 7 and a scorched car interior.
According to reports, the iPhone caught fire just in the same manner as the Galaxy Note 7.Mat Jones came back from surfing lesson to find his car windows blackened and upon opening the door, the interior was on fire. In a correspondence with 7 news, a local news station, Jones said he had no doubt that the iPhone 7 was the source of the fire. According to him, he found ash fallling out as he unwrapped the pants, finding the iPhone 7 just melting inside of it. However, Apple is conducting an investigation about the incident. It is not certain that the iPhone 7 cause…
China has overtaken the U.S. to become the largest market in the world for iOS App Store revenue, earning over $1.7 billion in Q3 2016 versus just under $1.5 billion. This is according to a report by app intelligence company App Annie, which notes that Chinese consumers are spending more than 5 times the amount they were spending just two years prior.
Now leading the United States by over 15%, China’s growth in iOS revenue is projected to climb further by 2020. The country has become an increasingly important market for Apple in a relatively short time in terms of hardware sales so iOS revenue is just the result of that.
Gaming is largely responsible for the lion’s share of that growth, while Entertainment, Social Networking, Books and Photo & Video applications were also among the top-grossing categories in China. In fact, games drive 75 percent of all App Store revenue across all countries, even though non-game apps make up 75 percent of the store.
Looking at specific apps, App Ann…

Why Data Is So Important to Educating Girls in Sub-Saharan Africa

Camfed wields numbers to evaluate educational hurdles, pull in partners, and maximize its success.

When it started in 1993, the Campaign for  Female Education— Camfed , for short—helped  32 girls go to school in rural Zimbabwe. Last  year , the organization directly supported  538,782 students across Ghana, Malawi,  Tanzania, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. Of those  students, nearly 50,000 used the organization's  safety net fund to purchase school supplies  such as school uniforms, shoes, and stationery,  and another 113,000 students received  scholarships to help defray the costs of  secondary schooling.
In speaking with Brooke  Hutchinson, director of Camfed  USA, I learned that the  organization's exponential  expansion can be credited to close cooperation  with a host of different partners—public and  private international organizations, state ministries of education, school and district-level committees,  community activists, teachers, volunteers, and  alumni. Rather than seeking …

AT&T and Time Warner have reportedly held informal talks regarding a possible merger

AT&T and Time Warner have reportedly met in recent weeks to discuss potential business strategies, one of which being a possible merger.Sources familiar with the matter tellBloombergthat the talks are still at an “informal” stage and have thus far focused on building a relationship between the companies.Neither side has yet hired a financialadvisor, a typical move when companies are considering conducting a significant business transaction like a merger or buyout.One of the sources said Time Warner Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Jeff Bewkes would be willing to sell if a fair offer is put on the table. In 2014, he turned down an offer of $85 per share from 21stCentury Fox which would have valued Time Warner north of $75 million.Time Warner stock has been trading just south of $80 during the last few days, shooting up to $83 on news of the discussions. AT&T shares dippedroughly two percent near the end of closing on Thursday.Sources earlier this month told Bloomberg that …

“Here she is tonight in public, pretending not to hate Catholics.” Donald Trump & Hillary Clinton cheekily roast each other at charity dinner

Billionaire businessman Donald Trump and his U.S Presidential rival Hillary Clinton took out time to have a go at each at a charity campaign event in Manhattanon Thursday
night, barely 24 hours after the third and final U.S presidential election debate which ended on a bitter note.
The annual dinner was a fundraiser for the powerful Roman Catholic Archdiocese of New York, and during presidential election years, both presidential nominees traditionally speak and Trump as well as Hillary seized on the opportunity to crack 'hard jokes' at each other. At the event at the Waldorf Astoria, Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Trump sat separated by Cardinal Timothy Dolan, the Roman Catholic archbishop of New York.
Trump started off light-heartedly but as time progressed, his tone started coming off as bitter.
'And a special hello to all of you in this room who have  known and loved me for many, many years — the politicians. “The truth is I’m a modest person,” “a carpenter who worked for his father.…

African leaders steal $50bn annually, says German parliament

Andres Lammei, a lawmaker and chairman, Working Group on Africa of the CDU/CSU in the Federal Parliament of the
Federal Republic of Germany, has said that the legislative arm in Nigeria and other African countries are not duly respected by the executive.
Lammei made this statement yesterday while receiving in audience some select state parliamentarians and parliamentary staff from Nigeria at the Bundestag, Parliamentary Building in Berlin, Germany. He noted his observation and concerns over the ‘$50 billion’ that often disappeared from the treasury of governments across Africa annually, saying that that would always impede development in the county.
The lawmaker, who revealed that he doesn’t envy the African legislature, ‘giving the state of affairs’, also noted that most African embassies in Germany are not doing enough to change the Germans’ perception of the continent; for this reason, he revealed that the team of lawmakers he is in charge of is on a study tour of German parliament, …