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US singer T-Pain arrives Nigeria for the Heineken ‘Live Your Music’ party!

After weeks of anticipation, American singer and rapper T-Pain has arrived in Lagos, the entertainment capital of Africa, where he will host the Heineken ‘Live Your Music’ party
 this Saturday, October 29, 2016 at the Federal Palace Hotel in Lagos.
T-Pain was announced as the host of the first ever Heineken ‘Live Your Music’ party in Nigeria by Sampson Oloche, Portfolio Manager, International Premium Brands, Nigerian Breweries Plc., at a press cocktail for the 2016 Heineken Lagos Fashion and Design Week held at the Heineken House. The Heineken ‘Live Your Music’ party is the official after party for the Heineken Lagos Fashion and Design Week (HLFDW) which is billed to start from Wednesday, 26 October to Saturday, 29 October. Heineken, a leader in innovative music experiences as well as technology and fashion, will also thrill music lovers with the fun and interactive music ‘Takeover’ – wherein people get to choose and dance to their own music playlist.
“The Heineken Live Your Music party…

Best Top Wi-Fi Information and Optimization Utilities softwares

First and foremost, why do you need a Wi-Fi information/optimization tool? Although the rangeof functions varies in the programs listed here, they all share a common goal which is to provide the necessary information about the Wi-Fi networks available so you can choose the best options for you. This ensures optimal performance and top speeds. Most of the programs recommended below offer network details like signal strength, addresses, and channels, but someoffer extra features like network troubleshooting and security options.You can use these tools to study your wireless network at home, work, or in public areas. Identify rooms or spots where there is signal weakness, interference between wireless devices, obstacles that might cause dips in performance, and rogue connections stealing your Wi-Fi. For gamers, they can help prevent lag, and in public areas choose the safest connection available -- if there was sucha thing.Xirrus Wi-Fi InspectorDesigned to provide real time monitoring o…

How to automatically repeat YouTube video

How to automatically repeat YouTube video
YouTube does not allow you to automatically repeat your favorite YouTube video, but there are plenty of third-party services that allows you to repeat any video. Follow the steps below to repeat any of your favorite YouTube videos.
Browse to your favorite video and edit the URL in the address bar. Below is an example of the video URL we are editing, this URL could be changed to your favorite video or music video.
YouTube Repeat
1. Erase everything in front of youtube, so in our example we are erasing "www."
2. After youtube type repeat to make the above example URL the URL shown below and then press enter.
3. After pressing enter, you are forwarded to the link below, which will repeat your video until you close the page. This page also has a repeat counter to let you know how many times the video has been repeated.

Apple announces "TV" app, a streaming video aggregator and guide

Apple on Thursday kicked off its Mac media gathering by addressing the company’s play for the living room, Apple TV.
Due to Apple’s inabilityto disrupt  the broadcasting industrythe way it had with music, Apple TV has lingered in limbo for years as the rest of the industry eventually warmed up to the idea of unbundling channels and distributing them over the Internet. The transition also gave companies like Amazon, Hulu and Netflix time to establish themselves as serious alternatives to traditional pay-TV.
That leads us to where we are today – a highly fragmented viewing experience that Apple believes it can wrangle with a new app it’s calling “ TV.”
The TV app is essentially an aggregator for video streaming apps that makes watching content across multiple devices as seamless as possible. Apple described it as offering a unified TV experience for Apple TV, iPhone and iPad that lets you start a show on one device and pick it up on another.
It also serves as a universal TV guide which shou…

2 men rescue suspected wizard who fell on Sapele River, claim it's family affair

2 men rescue suspected wizard who fell on Sapele River, claim it's family affair
Two men have reportedly picked up the man who accidentally crashed into the Ajogodo River, in Sapele, Delta State yesterday, after his supposedly ‘private jet-coven’ ran
out of fuel; claiming they are family members of the self-confessed wizard.
According to Vanguard, the two men came yesterday and pleaded with restless residents, who wanted to set him ablaze, saying; “we are from Idjerhe (Jesse) in Ethiope West LGA of Delta State. He is our brother.
He is a driver by profession and plies daily his taxi along the Benin/Sapele dual carriage way. He lives in Benin mostly. We heard about the incident through the news making the round. We came here to confirm it and it is true. Please we want you people to release him for us to take him home, because he now appears very weak.”The family members, believed to be in their 60s, refused to disclose their names and also state the man’s marital status. They mainta…