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Google is now testing its Instant Apps feature, letting you use applications without installing them

A quick and easy way to use an app without downloading it
During its annual I/O developers’ conference last year, one of the more interesting announcements to come from Google was the Instant Apps feature, which allows users to run certain parts of Android apps even when they aren’t installed on their smartphones. Instant Apps are like smaller versions of native Android apps that run instantly when you tap their URL, no installation needed. Once it’s closed, the app disappears from your phone leaving no icons on the home screen - though it does stay in your cache for a few hours in case you want to open the link again. Now, Google has announced it is now opening up “a few” Instant Apps for limited testing. The company is looking to collect user feedback on a selection of applications from the likes of Buzzfeed, Wish, Periscope, and Viki. "By collecting user feedback and iterating on the product, we’ll be able to expand the experience to more apps and more users," writes Goo…

Breathometer settles debate with FTC in regards to "misleading" publicizing

The Federal Trade Commission has reached a settlement with Breathometer Inc., makers of the portable Breathometer that found success on both Indiegogo and Shark Tank, regarding the product’s ability to accurately measure users’ blood alcohol content (BAC). As per the settlement, the FTC has barred Breathometer and its founder and CEO Charles Michael Yim from making future accuracy claims for a consumer breathalyzer product unless its claims are backed up by rigorous testing. The company also agreed to notify everyone that purchased a Breathometer product and offer a full refund. According to the complaint, sales of the company’s two devices – the Breathometer Original and Breathometer Breeze – totaled $5.1 million. The original Breathometer was designed to plug into your smartphone’s headphone jack while the Breeze connected wirelessly via Bluetooth. Both devices were touted as being able to accurately measure the blood-alcohol concentration of a user to help them determine if they w…

Expound bewilder uncovers Google I/O 2017 runs May seventeenth to nineteenth

Google I/O 2017 is set to take place between May 17th and May 19th at the Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View, California, the same location as last year's developer-focused event. Like previous Google I/Os, we can expect to receive new information about Google's initiatives at the event, including the future of Android, Home, Wear and more.
Rather than announcing this information in a traditional fashion, Google instead created an elaborate puzzle that developers would have to solve before the details of Google I/O were revealed. This puzzle, which was released through a GitHub repository, was split into five parts and involved coordinates and a chess board.
Around the world, from here to there, to the most clever minds, the secret will share. #googledevs#savethedate — Google Developers (@googledevs) January 24, 2017 Those who solved the puzzle were greeted with basic information relating to Google I/O 2017, and a…