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What separation? Diddy and Cassie spend New year's eve together

There were rumours that Diddy and his long time girlfriend, Cassie, had broken up and that she even asked for $25k per month for maintenance, but it seems they were either rumours or they got back together. The couple spent New year's eve and new year day partying together.

Youthful American Couple have put in $155K in three years on doctor's visit expenses for their pet puppy

Kate and Ben Stern from Brooklyn have spent $155,000 worth of medical treatment over the past three years on a French Bulldog they adopted in 2013 and named Jones. They love him so much he played the very important role of ring bearer at their wedding. Things however turned sour few months after his adoption when he began vomiting and later choked on his own vomit and got pneumonia. The couple went all out in a bid to save the life of their beloved pet. Ben, a software developer at Dropbox, said: 'Your pet's life shouldn't have to be a financial decision.'

Jones's first visit to the vet following the initial vomiting saw him being put on the ventilator, which cost $10,000. With a 30 percent chance of survival, he was moved to a pet hospital where his five-day stay cost $50,000.
Since his initial visit, Jones has been put on a ventilator three times as he suffered from chronic lung and esophagus problems. The couple's medical bills have come out to ar…

Twitter’s controversial head of China is the latest exec to leave the company

blizloaded| The Twitter executive exodus continues. CTO Adam Messinger and COO Adam Bain are among those to have left the company in recent months and now you can add Twitter’s head of its business in China to that list.
Kathy Chen was hired seven months ago as Twitter’s managing director of Greater China based out of its Hong Kong office, but she has exited the company following restructuring in Asia. That was part of company-wide changes that included the layoff of nine percent of Twitter’s staff and the exit of a number of high-profile leaders.
Chen, who had never used Twitter before last year, was a controversial appointment when she joined Twitter in April 2016 as its first Greater China MD. Her past employment and apparent government association raised concern in China.
Recognizable names like Cisco and Microsoft apart, Quartz report that Chen previously spent seven years researching missile defense at the People’s Liberation Army and also served as CEO of a joint venture from C…

Tesla begins rolling out much-anticipated Autopilot update for its newest cars

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has bold plans for self-driving cars in 2017, and his company took a step towards that goal after it began rolling out a much-anticipated Autopilot update to owners of its newer vehicles.
Unlike older Teslas, vehicles built after October — known as hardware 2, “HW2” — were released initially without the full suite of Autopilot features, which provide advanced semi-autonomous driving for use on highway. That’s because they shipped with different (new) software and hardware which, in the long run, will enable them to be fully self-driving. In the short term, though, this new update, announced by Musk on Twitter on New Year’s Eve, will add a number of a number Autopilot features to the vehicles to get them near on par with older Tesla models.
But, there’s a catch, and the update is only live an initial 1,000 cars. Most owners will need to wait for a wider rollout that Musk said is due within a week.
Musk didn’t go into details of the update, but Electrek reported tha…