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Rockstar hits GTA Online cheaters in the virtual pocket by emptying their in-game bank accounts

Ever since it first launched, GTA Online has had a problem with people using various hacks and mods to build up huge sums of money, and Rockstar's had enough. The company has started resetting the bank accounts of players with “illegitimately gained in-game money," which in some cases amounts to trillions of virtual dollars.
A number of cheaters were distraught to find that Rockstar had sent them the following message: "We have determined that your account illegitimately gained in-game money via mods, cheats, or other actions. We've adjusted your account and updated your balance." One person tweeted that almost $118 trillion dollars had been removed from his account.
Even players that avoided using hacks and mods to increase their money have been affected. People who exploited in-game glitches to generate cash also found their balances were showing zero.
It’s been reported that cheater accounts containing smaller amounts of cash seem less likely to be targeted by R…

Microsoft details Windows 10 'Creators Update' with a heavy emphasis on 3D

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The new Surface Studio all-in-one may have been the star attraction at Microsoft’s media event in NYC earlier today but the truth is, it’s just one of many products built around the lifeblood of the company – Windows 10.
Following the release of the Windows 10 Anniversary Update this past summer, Microsoft on Wednesday shared details regarding what’s next in line for its operating system.
The Windows 10 Creators Update, as it’s being called, will deliver a wealth of new features and improvements. As rumored earlier this month, Microsoft has given its core graphics application – Paint– a major facelift (and a new name, Paint 3D).
Microsoft General Manager, Megan Saunders, explainedthe goal of the new app is to make 3D creation as simple as taking a photo or video on your smartphone. She used a phone to 3D-scan a sandcastle and imported it into the app for manipulation. Microsoft has a new website,, where users can upload and share origina…