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Study: Weak Signals Crush Intel iPhones

iPhone 7 units with Intel modems don't do nearly as well as their Qualcomm brethren in weak signal conditions.
If you want the best iPhone 7, you need to get  the one with a Qualcomm modem.
According to a new study by Cellular Insights ,  the Qualcomm iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus units—that's the Verizon, Sprint and factory- unlocked models—have more than 30 percent  better performance in weak signal conditions  than the AT&T and T-Mobile models, which  have Intel modems.
Cellular Insights bought several iPhones at  retail, and hooked them up to a box that  simulates cellular networks to eliminate  variables. We don't have that expensive  equipment here. They tested the iPhones on  LTE band 4—which is used by AT&T, T-Mobile,  and Verizon—as well as band 12, which is used  by AT&T and T-Mobile.
Both models of iPhone work equally well in  strong signal conditions. We couldn't tell the  difference with good signal, Cellular Insights  couldn't, and you won…

3 Thrones Concert is happening today! Lagos are you ready!

Lagos are you ready! 3 Thrones Concert is happening today!
The Coronation is finally here! The day

we all have waited for. Lagos is about to be lit and only a selected few will witness this epic night of nothing like you've ever seen. Three kings, three thrones, the best of music, drama, dance. 3thrones is much more than a concert. It is that long awaited movie Lagos has waited for. Come witness history.
Watch the King of the East, Phyno. The money King, Davido and the Queen Tiwa Savage ascend their thrones in this night that promises intrigue.
That's not all, the trumpeters, Denrele and Miss P await you in all your glory at the red carpets, the 'Oracle' to the throne, Timaya will reveal a story never told before. The 'Guardians' of the throne DJ Jimmy Jatt and DJ Neptune will lead you through a journey of amazing sounds and the 'Messengers' to the throne Seyi Law, Funny Bone, Yaw and Kenny BlaQ will crack your ribs with comedy unleashed.
The Thrones a…