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Analysts find that numerous Android VPNs are security dangers, uncover the ten most exceedingly awful guilty parties

Do your research before installing an Android VPN
Virtual private networks have been popular among computer users for some time, and they’re starting to find their way onto more Android devices as an increasing number of apps, such as photo editor Meitu, harvest user location data. But researchers have found that many of these VPNs are security nightmares. Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), along with security researchers from the University of South Wales and UC Berkley, tested 283 VPN apps from Google’s Play Store. The results showed that 38 percent of them contained some form of adware, malvertising, trojan, riskware, or spyware. Additionally, 67 percent featured at least one third-party tracking library and 82 percent request permissions to access sensitive data, including user accounts and text messages. The VPNs also fell short in other areas: 18 percent of them didn’t encrypt traffic, 16 percent routed it through other users of th…

Nintendo Switch hands-on: is this present Nintendo's enormous return? - Equipment audits

As you may have heard, Nintendo just unveiled its new console, the Nintendo Switch. The Switch is a hybrid console, that is to say, it is a portable console but also a conventional console that sits in your living room. So, it's a mix between the 3Ds, the Wii and Wii U. We had the pleasure of being invited to give it a try. Here are our first impressions of the console ahead of its March 3 release.
The best new Android gamesThe coolest VR games for Android Nintendo Switch release date and price The Nintendo Switch will be available from March 3 for $299. Pre-orders have been open since the unveiling on January 13. Like what happened to the re-issue of the NES last Christmas, we can expect the console to sell out quickly. There will be two versions: one with two grey Joy-Con controllers, and one with both a bright red and a bright blue Joy-Con.
There will be many accessories also, for instance, the Controller Pro for players who find the standard Joy-Con controller too…

Samsung is accumulating Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chips

The buzz surrounding the pending release of the Galaxy S8 has overshadowed the first half of 2017 in a way that we haven't seen in the smartphone market for quite some time. While other device manufacturers are expected to attract a lot of attention at MWC 2017, the S8 question mark will be hovering over every presentation - and will be an important influence on those customers who are on the lookout for an upgrade this year.
MWC 2017 will be the showcase for the next generation of smartphones for release over the coming year. For the manufacturers, regardless of the differences in the features on the actual devices, there has always been a common defining feature - the inclusion of Qualcomm chipsets. Thanks to Samsung, it could now be the case that the devices due to be released at MWC 2017 will include Snapdragon 821.

Samsung produces the Snapdragon 835 and gets the benefits. / © Qualcomm For some manufacturers this has not come as good news. LG is a case in poin…

Is this the main open photograph of the Samsung System S8? Coming Walk 2

Coming March 29, source says
With the Galaxy Note 7 gaining distance in the rear view mirror, both Samsung and mobile enthusiasts alike have turned their attention to “the next big thing.” Barring an unforeseen catastrophe of similar proportion, Samsung’s next major release will be the Galaxy S8. Leaks and rumors regarding the upcoming smartphone have topped headlines in recent weeks. In retrospect, they all culminated to a Twitter post earlier today from serial product leaker Evan Blass which allegedly showcases the Galaxy S8 in all its glory. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen purported images of the Galaxy S8 although given Blass’ incredible track record, most (myself included) would place their bets on the device shown in the shared photo as being the real deal. The most notable takeaway here – which aligns with earlier rumors – is the “infinity” display on the front of the smartphone. The rumor mill suggests there will be two sizes to choose from – 5.8-inch and 6.2-inch – alth…

Seagate will offer a 16TB hard drive for sale to the public inside year and a half

Cloud-based storage is a popular alternative to maintaining local data backups or as part of a multi-location / off-site strategy, especially if you’re dealing with mission-critical data that’s irreplaceable. Others, however, prefer to keep their data within arm’s reach on high-capacity hard drives. If you haven’t shopped around for hard drives in a while, you may be surprised at what’s out there. The largest 3.5-inch desktop hard drives currently available from Seagate, for example, offer a whopping 10TB of capacity for less than $500. In the event that 10TB isn’t quite enough storage and a multi-drive setup isn’t ideal, you’ll be happy to hear that Seagate over the next 18 months plans to ship 14TB and 16TB drives. A 12TB HDD based on helium technology is currently undergoing testing and according to CEO Stephen Luczo, initial feedback is positive. Most enthusiasts and even some PC manufacturers are now using solid state drives as their primary drive due to the fact that they’re mu…