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15 Secret Gestures Hidden Inside Your Favorite Android Apps

Fifteen cool finger-friendly tricks inside Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more.
Android is a super cool mobile ecosystem  packed with useful little tricks. I've attempted in the past to highlight the features that come  with each new sugary incarnation. But these  endeavors, however noble, usually prove  fruitless. You see, Android is—for lack of a  better term— a friggin' mess .
Android is less of a leading global platform ( nearly 88 percent of mobile devices are  powered by it) than it is a giant stew being  prepared by thousands of chefs, each of whom  is working on a totally different dish (for  clientele in completely different restaurants).  The end result is a user experience that varies  greatly between device manufacturers, carriers,  and even software generations.
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This disorder muddies an otherwise dynamite  mobile OS. Try as Google might to bring its  unwieldy mobile monster under control , the  pl…