Apple in Trouble!!! iPhone 7 goes up in flames.

 have come for Apple o as an Australian man has claimes that his iPhone 7 caught fire while he left it inside his car as he went surfing. The Australian man, Mat Jones who is an Australian surfing instructor bought his iPhone 7 just a week before and he said he left it under a pair of pants in his car when he went for surfing lesson, only for him to come back and discover a burnt iPhone 7 and a scorched car interior.
According to reports, the iPhone caught fire just in the same manner as the Galaxy Note 7.Mat Jones came back from surfing lesson to find his car windows blackened and upon opening the door, the interior was on fire. In a correspondence with 7 news, a local news station, Jones said he had no doubt that the iPhone 7 was the source of the fire. According to him, he found ash fallling out as he unwrapped the pants, finding the iPhone 7 just melting inside of it. However, Apple is conducting an investigation about the incident. It is not certain that the iPhone 7 caused the fire except we want to count on Jones’ words. If the iPhone 7 is discovered to be the cause, then Apple needs to find a way to resolve that problem ASAP.
Samsung’s Note 7 nightmareis the worst that has happened yet and if their rival suffers the same fate, then something is wrong somewhere. Perhaps the witches and wizards are against them. Lol! Whatever way it goes, we await the result of Apple’s investigation. Don’t forget that we recently reported that the iPhone 7 was making weird  noises

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