7 Catch up phrase that you can learn from jenifa diary

Everyone loves Jenifa!
The movie first aired in 2008 and had everyone rolling on the floor with laughter. Funny enough, most of us adopted some of her slangs which we still use till date.
It’s so bad some of us have actually forgotten the correct English phrases. Besides who oyinbo English don epp? I think it’s about time Nigerians adopt their own English Language and make it official.  It makes communication fun.
Here are 7 slangs Nigerians have adopted from the Jenifa Diary series:

1. “Yels” – Meaning Yes
jenifa bridge
Image: Encomium

2. “What I Do” – Meaning What Have I Done?
Jenifa's dairy
Image: YouTube

3. “Wanever” –  Meaning Whatever
Jenifa's diary
Image: Encomium

4. “Henemies” – Meaning Enemies
Toyosi and Jenifa
Image: iROKO World

5. “How Is Your Parenting?” – Meaning How Are Your Parents?
Jenifa's diary
Image: iROKO World

6. “It Is You That Sabi” – Meaning It’s Your Problem
Sege Jenifa's Diary GIF
Image: iROKO World

7. “I Am Priding In You” – Meaning I’m Proud Of You
Images by iROKO World

Never been to Naija? Just learn these catch slangs and you’re good to go. Looking for more catch phrases? Check out words only Nigerians know and how to spot a Nigerian anywhere in the world.


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