About Tweakware Android:
 Tweakware for android is an android VPN application.
 Just like its name says, its 100% tweakable and can work with any network.
How To Use
Easy method: launch Tweakware , navigate to settings >> select bundled settings >> tick 'use bundled setting' >> choose any bundled setting of your choice
 Download below and enjoy :)
 Play Store Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.tweakwarevpn.tw_android
 Or see attached file below.
 Currently working with mtn bis, etisalat chat pack, spectranet and some other hidden tweaks ;)
 You can select any of these settings from the Bundled Setting or if you are a tweaker you simply play around the proxy tweak settings to get it working too.
nb: for the etisalat chat pack, you don't need to search for any proxy, you can simply do a reverese proxy with any of the Tweakware server address (avs's), on port 3128 or any port specified for it.
The connection idleness can be fixed with the Keepalive option.
Go to the settings, >> Network Settings >> Enable Keepalive and set the interval to a low value e.g set Keepalive Interval to 5 and set Keepalive timeout to 15.
 Any one else experiencing the same as the poster should do this as well.
Latest Client Version: 0.6:
Whats new:
 - Added Google in-app payment
 - Added option to view account status
 - Added new MTN NG Bundle Setting
 - Fixed existing MTN NG Bundle Setting
 - Bug fixes
 have fun! and don't forget to report any bugs you discover


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